Commercial Concrete

We are specialists in commercial concrete and supply top quality concrete for a wide variety of commercial uses across the West Midlands.

Top Quality Concrete

Our on-site mixing method ensures you get the right amount of concrete at the right time and you only pay for what you need. By mixing on-site we can also guarantee the quality as we source the finest grade raw materials that make up each mix.

Grades & Mixes

Our commercial concrete is available in various grades and mixes suitable for the construction and renovation of industrial buildings, factories, retail stores and even restaurants. Our commercial concrete can be used almost everywhere in a house, including walls, floors, walks and pavements outside, and even architectural details.

We understand your commercial project must run according to schedule. Our customer service team is very responsive and we will do our best to deliver the same day or next day. By only paying for what you use we also help keep costs down and your project within budget.


There are so many obstacles you could face when laying concrete or screed, we have solutions to your problems.

Retarder, this slows down the chemical reaction during the setting process, allowing more time to work with the product.

Fibres, although these do not affect long term cracking nor strength of product. There are so many different fibres depending on your requirements, get in touch to find out more.

There are many different ad-mixtures we can provide, give us a call to discuss any concerns or requirements.

Estimate the cost of your commercial concrete needs!

Use our concrete calculator and price guide and contact our dedicated team for more information.

Commercial Concrete Mixes and Strengths

Getting the right mix and strength of commercial concrete is important if you want to get the best results. Total Concrete & Screed offer a wide choice of mixes and grades to meet your commercial needs.

By mixing ratios of water, aggregates and cement to create a slump, we can predetermine the type of concrete according to your requirements. We also offer different Ad-mixtures that include fibres, which helps to prevent cracking during the curing stage.


Here are some examples of our popular concrete mixes for commercial use:


Domestic & Commercial Use

Used for: Patio slabs, non-structural work and pathways.


Domestic & Commercial Use

Used for: Pavement kerbs and floor blinding.


Domestic & Commercial Use

Used for: Construction, multi-purpose concrete mix and foundations.


Commercial Use

Used for: Low-grade mix for paths and roads.


Commercial Use

Used for: Commercial structures, slabs, external walls and structural piling.


Commercial Use

Used for: Commercial building sites, creating structural support foundations and roads. C40 can be the most durable in this list, and it is often used on farms where slurry may cause corrosion on structures and septic tanks.

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